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Jan 21, 2013 6:00pm PST
who wrote the first letter to dr. john york inviting him to consider santa clara as the new home for 49ers stadium. >> we were standing out there when you asked me did think it was going to be built. i can answer it, len. i think it will be built. >> how does this city of 118,000 people whose previous icons were a mission and amusement park lure what is now one of the most successful sports franchises of all time. >> santa clara is always going to be a small town. we thought big. >> santa clara may not have the bridges, but it is a well run business city. everyone will benefit from the team being solidly in the south bay. >> honored to be just a few blocks away from the new stadium. we keep joking letting him know we will be way closer so he can come in after games and everything. >> reporter: speaking of a small city thinking big, this stadium when completed will hold a little bit over 68,000 people. that's a little bit more than half the entire population of the city of santa clara, liz. just think, this will host a super bowl in the coming
Jan 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
reporter john ramos shows us, there's a whole group of fans who are excited to see it for the very first time, too. >> it's been a long time since the 49ers went to a super bowl, and even those who have never seen that happen are pretty excited about it. >> have you ever heard of the 49ers before? do you want them to win the super bowl? ok. that was easy. >> reporter: here at my gym in walnut creek the kids are a little too busy to ponder the big questions. >> do you know the 49ers are playing in the super bowl? >> no. >> do you want them to win? >> yeah. >> why? >> because -- because i want them to get the trophy. >> reporter: yeah, that would be nice but not enough to make two-year-old drew switch his loyalties. >> go raiders! >> go raiders? what about the 49ers? >> yeah. go raiders. >> reporter: luckily we found more enthusiasm at st. francis school in concord. >> are you glad the 49ers are in the super bowl? >> yes. >> super glad? >> yes. >> awesome? >> yes. >> do you hope they'll win? >> yes. >> how much do you hope they'll
Jan 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
5 reporter john ramos says an air national guard unit from the bay area is headed to afghanistan. >> our mission is simple to save lives. >> reporter: when the 129th rescue wing at moffett field gears up, it usually means someone is in trouble. >> a lot of people think we do medevac but it transports patients so they can't fly into active combat area. our helicopters are armed and our crews are trained to go and rescue people where others can't. >> reporter: and that will be a useful skill as this wing of the california air national guard is being sent to bases in afghanistan and southern africa. the 210 airmen being deployed will spend four months flying rescue missions in some dangerous places. >> both search and extraction missions, some that are publicized, some not. >> reporter: the helicopters and c-130 refuelers play a vital support role for military operations in hot spots like afghanistan and terrorist strongholds at the horn of africa. but they also help out at home fighting california wildfires or rescuing people from superstorm sa
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
improvements is what you don't hear. john ramos takes a tour. >>> reporter: even the people who worked at berkeley's animal shelter say the place was a dump. >> the old one had sort of the prison feel about it. >> reporter: but that was then. this is now. the dona spring animal shelter opened in november and with it came an unfamiliar sound. almost nothing. the kennels are separated by soundproof plexiglass and what a difference that has made. >> as you can see, most of them are quiet and sleeping. and the other place over eight hours a day they were barking at each other in the dark. >> reporter: the animals are calmer now and more sociable. they enjoy their view out the window watching the birds at nearby aquatic park. >> hi, girl. >> reporter: even cranky old blanche has decided it's not so bad to be around people. and it's healthier here, too, because each pen has separate ventilation, there have been no outbreaks of kennel cough or ringworm which plague most shelters. >> or if we were to get an outbreak in this room we can close this room down f
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4